Should I be upset to find out my wife took a life insurance policy on me withoutletting me know?

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It depends. You shouldn't be upset if she needs the life insurance in case you die. She needs the insurance if she depends on your income. However, it is illegal for her to take the policy without your knowledge. If she is an honest person with honest motives, I would let it go. But only you know if she took out the life insurance because she is concerned about needing an income if you die or if she has other ideas.
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She should be upset that you didn't have enough…clearly.
Does she have enough money to hire a hit man? Otherwise, EVERYONE should have a life insurance policy.
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Yes. There should be a discussion between husband and wife regarding this matter.
Yes since you needed to sign it yourself. Call ins company turn her in
Not necessarily, but hide the weapons just in case.
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