Should I call 911 ?

My apartment building has provided us with heat and hot for 3 to 4 days, and my 5 year old daughter has a bleeding nose and dizziness because of that. I have called 311, and the office but the office is closed and 311 takes a lot of time to take action.
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Nothing anyone at 911 can do unless yo are seeking medical treatment for the bloody nose which is a bit extreme. You can take her to your regular doctor for that.

This is a civil matter between tenant & landlord. The police have no jurisdiction. All you can do is sue the landlord over the habitability issues to break the lease without paying. If you do not have a lease then suing will get you nothing. With no lease you can give your notice & move at any time.

NOPE not happening in real world
911 has ZERO to do with ur problems.
Since u young clueless uninformed uneducated about Reality of heating system, go to emergency room and have them draw blood to do carbon monoxide poisoning tests on both of u.

Ask others in building if they have problems also.

only if it is a medical emergency and you need an ambulance to get your daughter to the hospital..

everyone should have a space heater in case the heat goes out…you can get a good one for less than $20….can't afford that? then you shouldn't have a kid you can't care for…everyone camps out in the smallest room with the heater…

for bath..heat water on the stove and poor into the tub (start with a lawyer of cool water to prevent a problem with excessively hot water…make sure you mix it up and test it…add cold water as needed if too hot

If you want to be billed for about $1,500 and have criminal charges laid against you for abuse of 911, go ahead but, I recommend against it. 911 is for emergencies ONLY. If your child is ill, take her to your local doctor.
According to your prior posts, your a 17 year old troll.
Pascal the Gambler:
You should just bring her to a doctor.

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