Should I get a credit card?

I have zero credit, I'm 19, and not sure if I want to get one or not. I fly once a month, I thought about getting a skymiles card. But I'm not sure if its worth it or not.

Best Answer:

Zac: If you have a job, some money saved up, and are someone who stays on top of things, then yes. A credit card can be a great way to build credit. You probably won't qualify for a credit card from anywhere aside from your bank/credit union though, and even then you might have to get a secured credit card.

Other answer:

No. First, most credit cards are only for those who already have a credit card and want another, and are not available to anyone who has zero credit. There are only a few credit cards that a person with zero credit can get, and I don't think this is one of them.

Second, the annual fee for that card is roughly a hundred dollars. Many credit cards have no annual fee, or a much lower one, such as twenty dollars.

Third, it is a bad idea to try to get a credit card at age 19 or 20. It is better to wait until you are 21.

Should I get a credit card ? Well that depends on if you can trust yourself NOT to get into debt with it, as it's very easy to do.

On a plus side, they are good for increasing your credit rating, but like I say it's easy to spend money you don't have.

Perhaps get a card for people with little or bad credit. The interest rate they charge will be horrendous, but just get the card. Then use it once a month to buy stuff you would normally buy – so say groceries. Then when you get your statement, pay it off in full, never pay late and never miss a payment. That will soon build up a credit rating.

Yes, you should start building credit so that later when you want a loan for a car or something, you have some credit history.

Since you fly so often, a skymiles card would be good.


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