Should I major in marketing?

I have an accounting job and I hate it because I hate inputting data all day. I do Accounts Payable (paying bills)

Marketing has became an interest of mine..

Should I still major in this career since they use the computer a lot?

Best Answer:

Nicky Rush: Most jobs nowadays leverage the computer. So if you're using the computer as your filter for majors, what made you settle on marketing?

I got my undergrad in Marketing. And while it's an education, it's pretty useless as a degree to be honest. I have a great deal of experience and history with computer programming, and do something called OpenGL 3d programming and have worked as a programmer for most of my life.

So if you enjoy computers. Ask yourself why you enjoy them?

Marketing is heavily involved in demographical information and probability and statistics, which will increasingly become the future. So does it seem like a bright move to focus on a major that's gonna make you miserable for career choice options?

Talk to people in different career areas. Interview them. Find out what they do, if they enjoy things, and if so – why. You might find yourself surprised to learn your own interests somewhere in there.

As for Marketing. It's sales in disguise. The only difference is, you're more computer facing than you are customer facing, but in either case you're still dealing with customers. As a marketer, those customers are numbers, statistics, information flowing through a computer system, data. Now if that's what floats your boat, which it does not sound like it with your disdain for accounting and accounts payable – yet another customer service based job without the actual interactions – then I dont think you're on the right track with Marketing.

What makes you happy.

Then choose your career accordingly.

Other answer:

Nicky Rush:
Marketing is a fairly worthless degree UNLESS if you have the artistic abilities already inside you. Marketing is 1/2 Business and 1/2 Art. Nothing you learn in college will all of a sudden give you artistic abilities. It is something that you are just born with. Why don't you get a real accounting job before you switch your career path? You are currently doing "Tech" work. Real accountants who have 4-year degrees and are CPA's do not do what you do. That is very low level work.
ken truong:
Accountant here, I recently got my CPA license. I have BS in accounting and I am still working in operation accounting (was in A/P, now I am in A/R) for a mid size international company. Yes, it is very boring but the only reason I have been staying because of this has been an easy job and it gave me enough time to study for CPA. Before answering your question, accounting is not just entering data. Real accountants inquiring, analyzing, and applying data as well as complying to laws and regulations.

Should you switch to marketing? well, it depends. Do you like to meet and speak to people? Lie/exaggerate a contract just to make sales. Marketing is all about increasing sales sales sales. I wouldn't recommend if you are an introvert.

Mirza Jawad:

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