Should I move to Santa Monica or Culver City?

Both rooms have the same price. But I'm wondering about cost of living such as food, clothes, and parking.

Other answer:

Expenses such as Food and Clothing will be similar as you are in the same area.
Parking depends on if the two residences have parking available or you will be required to park on the street. As if you don't have reserved or dedicated parking, and you need to park on the street if the area is a high density area you may find yourself walking 2-3 blocks to get to your car. Also, some areas may require an additional City Parking Permit for an additional cost.

In order to check out the parking situation, I would go by these places later in the evening and see how bad/good it is between the two places.

Even though they are less than 10 miles apart, that 10 miles could take you 30+ minutes to travel due to traffic. So I would still choose if everything else ends up being equal the one closest to where you work.

Gray Area:
I've lived in both cities. Parking is a much more difficult and expensive affair in Santa Monica. If you're building in Santa Monica has parking, which most do, then parking costs will not affect you. If you want your friends to visit often, they will curse your name because parking sucks in Santa Monica.
A Hunch:
Santa Monica and Culver City are about 6 miles apart.
Food and clothing in both cities will cost the same at the same stores.

Parking in both cities will depend on the specific location and what parking option the complex has.

Santa Monica is much better especially if you wanna be a short walk to the beach. Im sure you'll figure everything out once you get in. Enjoy that!
The cost of living between two nearly identical cities won't be as incidental as your transportation. If you're working outside your home or going to school you'll want to either live as close as possible to where you go every day, or along transportation corridors that might allow you to more easily take the bus or train. If you're driving you'll want the easiest commute and to have a place where you can safely park your car at night.
Mad Dog:
I would move to whichever one is closer to work. LA is chock full of traffic so the less time I spend in traffic would be better.
Flip a coin.
Saut de Chat:
Both are really good choices.

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