Should I try an transfer my credit card debt to one card?

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If you have a card which is offering a low or zero interest promotion, then I would certainly recommend doing so. There are a few advantages to doing this. First is that you will save money on interest. Second is it can be easier to budget when you're dealing with just one payment instead of several.

One thing to consider is whether the balance transfer offer will charge you interest for the zero/low interest period if you don't pay off the balance by the end of the period. This is a very common thing with store cards which have sales with zero interest for 6 or 12 months. If you don't pay the full balance by the end of the period, then you are changed interest for the entire amount – including what was already paid.

I have a few credit cards, they don't have large balances, but I cant keep up with them all. I've missed payments due to moving costs and such. My credit score is piss poor because of it. I need advice on what to do to get out of debt? Do I consolidate? I cannot seem to find a card that will accept me. It's just a few thousand dollars and I'll be debt free besides my car payment. Any advice would help. Thanks
No. Make minimum payments all all cards every month, and pick one at a time to concentrate on paying off in full. This is better than consolidating. [<- You would not get another cc with your low score anyway.]
real estate guy:
first lets put the blame for missed payments, etc where it belongs. ON YOU and your lack of financing planning and management. NOT on moving costs and such.

What to do to get debt free. PAY THEM OFF buy getting a 2nd job or more hours in your current job; AND to cut back on spending so you can pay them off.


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