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No, they shouldn't feel bad. My friends who have perfect hair spend a good hour or more on it every day. Also keeping a certain style, requires a hair cut every 4-6 weeks. Not everyone has the time or money to have it cut that often. I have the kind of hair that is almost impossible to style, it's fine and flyaway and wont hold curl. As long as it's clean and combed, that is all that matters.
Absolutely not! Some women have no hair due to chemo treatments, and many lose hair due to prescription medications, heredity, etc. Hair is only a small part of any human being so it should not cause embarrassment to anyone. Also, there are some very remarkable wigs for those who feel uncomfortable about the condition of his/her hair.
Feeling embarrassed depends if they validate their looks on the opinions of others. I say no, she doesn't have to. But the real issue: should women feel anxious of being laughed at for their hair condition, especially when damaged. We don't realize this fear until we feel like we "fell out of favor" with someone else's comfort zone for how we should have our hair. A good example is when a ladies have damaged hair but wants to shave it all off vs only cutting it down to pixie cut. Because socially, pixie cuts are cuter than a buz cut on a woman. So even when the woman may feel comfortable regrowing her hair, she will face more criticism for "bad hair" than someone else who is socially safe with her damaged hair growth journey.
It depends on "why" their hair is not in the best condition. Someone who has survived a natural disaster and is waiting for FEMA to show up and assist them, may not have access to clean water, shampoo, conditioner, a hair dryer, or even a comb. Or the woman could be in a hurry and not have the time to style her hair a particular way, much less comb it.
Noooo. They shouldn't be embarrassed. They may not feel confident about their hairs condition but who's going to look at it and think to themselves "****, those split ends are awful, her hair is too frizzy"? no one. The state of your hair is just facts and bad hair days happen all the time. Its just hair and theres always ways to strengthen your hair or put it up in a bun.
Nope, women should not be embarassed when their hair is not in the best of condition because our hair is a blessing and sometimes messy hair is probably turnt out to be the greatest hair of all time
I'm a young adult man. Just want to answer to gain points. Hmmm… Well when my mother or cousins who are girls wakes up in the morning their hair is not the best of conditions but it's fine with me as long as their hair smells good. Yup, that's it as long as the hair smells good.
Personally, as a woman, I have goo and bad hair days. In my bad hair days usually I do feel a little off, and I some times feel like I want to hide it somehow, even if it's just a little hair that was slept on weird and didn't comb out. But even if I want to hide it, hair is hair and there's nothing to really do about it.
Nope, bad hair days happen! I could care less how my hair looks if I'm in a casual setting, at a gym, or at a local bar chilling with friends.

The only times I really care about my hair are when I attend concerts, social events, or fancy dinners. And that's about it, really.

NO.. no more than a man who does not have hair in the best condition

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