Small business loan question?

If I'm looking to buy a small business and would need to buy an HD pickup and trailer for the business, is it better to finance the truck through the dealership on my own or incorporate it into the business loan?

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Steve D:
Either works, but you should talk to your accountant as to which is most advantageous. Obviously, since a small business loan requires at least 25% in cash out of pocket, using the small business loan will increase your require available cash whereas a truck loan under your name may require a smaller (say 10%) down payment freeing up cash for your business. Since the truck is collateral, if the business goes under, you may not be able to protect it compared to a personal truck loan. I am sure your accountant will have additional pros and cons for each scenario.
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Alpha Beta:
Depends on what the bank who is loaning you the money says. It may be easier to finance it personally, and have the business pay the expense.
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