Small company at home?

I dont know how.
and what for company i can do.
anyone tips and help?

Other answer:

Network Marketing, is a great home business, no overheads, very low start up cost usually
you have to have services or products you can distribute from your home, whatever your talents amount to
obviously you don't seem to have any, and no ideas what to do, you seem to think that it is nothing to make money working at home if someone just shows you the way
without knowing anything about you nobody can make suggestions


U don't qualify for any thing legally.
Don't know what where how to use libraries in ur area?
Plenty of books on how to get educated and started being self-employed locally.
It's FREE education here
Get educated, get training, get experience, and get skills. Then you can create a business based on your qualifications. If you have no qualifications, you have not chance.

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