So I had my return request denied on eBay by seller. And he hasn't even shipped the item when he denied it.?

So I had my return request denied on eBay by seller. And he hasn't even shipped the item when he denied it. I just had bad buyers remorse. Is the seller still supposed to ship the item. Or what am I supposed to do now?

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Morgan Lovell:
As described, it is a breach of contract by the buyer. "buyers remorse" is not an acceptable excuse. Once a bid is made or the order button pressed, a contract is in process. The seller does not have to ship the item until money is received, but he can report the buyer to ebay. He can ship the item, and if not paid, can report the buyer to ebay. Get the heck off ebay if you cannot make a commitment. Don't sign any contracts or make any commitments that you cannot fulfill. Brick and mortar stores often have better return policies, but even then, you are bound to the contracts in making a purchase.
You have one hour after the auction ends to cancel. If that time has expired, then it's up to the seller if they want to allow you to change your mind. If they say no, then you still have to pay (or be reported) because you are the one at fault.

Just because he hasn't shipped it yet does not mean that there weren't costs incurred for producing and posting the item. Offer to give the seller some sort of return fee if they'll let you cancel the order that way the seller isn't being cheated for your bad judgment.

RETURN is the wrong term for you to use, technically, since there is nothing yet to return, you should just cancel order. Generally if it was won in an auction Ebay does not support buyers remorse or other weak reasons, since not following through on bids erodes the effectiveness of an auction system.

Try searching Ebay for Cancel Order, they have some very specific policy statements.

Christopher The Turtle:
ALWAYS use Paypal , especially on Ebay. Paypal will refund you.
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