So what exactly were the reasons you people suggested last nite not to buy this?

The remington 870 express is the gold standard for high risk applications. Yet you people seemed to think the dualpistol grips were a bad idea. what is wrong with a compact(30 inches only) and maneuverable shotgun that doesnt sacrifice acciuracy with an 18.5 inch

The remington 870 express is the gold standard for high risk applications. Yet you people seemed to think the dualpistol grips were a bad idea. what is wrong with a compact(30 inches only) and maneuverable shotgun that doesnt sacrifice acciuracy with an 18.5 inch barrel?
The shotgun in the pic is a Remington 870 express with dual pistol grips and no butt stock so its very compact and highly maneuverable thru doorways plus its much easier to carry around all day as opposed to a full size remington 870 which is like a foot longer in length and also heavier.

Other answer:

No, I'm sure the reason why actual tactilcal shooters like SWAT and the military use shoulder stocks isn't because they actually know what they're doing, it's because you're just smarter than them.

Reasons why dual pistol grips or pistol shotguns are idiotic:
1. You are absorbing all of the recoil on one wrist (the back one), so instead of being able to use 2-3/4" shells, 3" shells, and 3.5" shells, you're limited to only the lightest bunny-fart 2-3/4" shells unless you are only planning to shoot once and then wrap your wrist because of a sprain

2. You don't go through doors with the gun pointed sideways, it is either pointed forward and down or forward. You don't need a short shotgun to navigate a house unless you are sprinting through it. Since I highly doubt you are kicking doors down in Afghanistan, I think we can rule out your need for that.

3. The fewer pivots a gun has when aiming, the more accurate it is. Most tactical bolt guns have 0 free points of pivot, the stock is braced against the shoulder, the forend is braced on a bipod. Tactical carbines are about one or a half point of pivot, as the stock is braced against the shoulder and only the forend needs to be controlled. Pistols have one point of pivot (the handgrip). The stupid shotgun grip you are looking at has THREE points of pivot. You not only have to control the muzzle end, but also independently control the receiver end, and on top of that, because the 'pistol' grips are located below the receiver, you have to control the pivot along the bore axis independent of the other two. That is like trying to race a car around a track using a steering wheel for the front wheels and a completely independent steering wheel on the roof of the car that controls the rear wheels, and then, on top of all that have the brake on the floor and the gas pedal on the windshield. It just doesn't make sense if you are actually planning on shooting the gun.

4. On top of all the practical reasons why that shotgun is a stupid idea, there's the problem where you can't actually show anyone that gun because everyone else knows (except for you, apparently) that the shotgun is a stupid idea and will laugh at you for buying something just because you saw in a movie and actually thought it wasn't just Hollywood bullshit.

The only time I've seen this used for combat or self-defense is in the movies. Have you ever seen a real police officer or soldier using such a setup? I haven't and for good reasons. LEOs and soldiers don't select their weapons for the "coolness" factor. They select them for reliability and accuracy.

1) A shotgun has to be aimed. Try using the sight on that and when you fire it the gun is going to smack you in the face. Your wrist is not stronger than your shoulders and the recoil from that shotgun configuration is going make your hand hurt like the dickens.
2) Compactness ALWAYS means sacrificing something and it's usually accuracy. A compact pistol, shotgun, rifle is always less accurate than the full size version.
3) You are a civilian and not a SWAT or SEAL Team-Six operator. You don't have the training much less the support team to go room to room "maneuvering" to clear your home. When things go bad, your only hope is to hunker down behind cover not moving around in the open hoping to get the first shot off which in your case will probably miss.

That's why people do not recommend such a shotgun setup for self-defense.

Russ in NOVA:
What would using a double pistol grip shotgun be imbecilic?
1. Extremely difficult to aim — Yes Virginia, shotguns need to be aimed.
2. Difficult to to handle and recover from recoil, slowing down getting your next shot off.

So basically, the most likely scenario is that while you are fumbling to get your second shell chambered and ready after recovering from the recoil of the the first shot that you missed because you didn't aim, an attacker will grab that shotgun out of your hands and "maneuver" it where the sun don't shine.

Get a clue from the fact that there are very few of these on the market. Or better yet, shoot buckshot from a real shotgun, practicing follow up shots rather than relying on your action movie imagination. Can you name one profession that caries a shotgun LIKE THAT around all day? Hunters, police, security, and military don't.

What others have said. It's a tactical nightmare. Big, bulky, lots of recoil, requires two hands for proper operation (which assumes you aren't injured, fighting, carrying a child to safety,climbing out a window, running for your life, etc.). There is NO reason to use any shotgun for self defense. It's a myth propagated by the uninformed who tout "military experience" or "police experience" but have never actually had to defend their house.
it's easy enough for a moron like you to 'MISS' FROM THE SHOULDER. Other than a novelty or some sort of under the cash register negotiation asset… those things have no practical use.

Personally… if you are stupid enough to "clear a house" with that you don't know enough to retain it in a grapple… a whole lot of leverage… are you the "breecher"? they make a SBS version that works good for busting hinges and knobs… but you don't need on

Hmm, The 870 isn't the gold standard for my Marine Corps, nor were pistol grips. Someone's been giving you faulty information. Now that you've been corrected, take this opportunity to learn and grow, and cease repeating the nonsense you previously thought to be true.
There's nothing more maneuverable and easier to carry than a pistol in a holster. I see a picture of a closet queen.
I shot a pistol grip shotgun ONCE..never again will I make that mistake…BTW its nnt the bbl length that causes the miss
Join the NRA..Your Obama is working to ban your gun
There is no "accuracy" with a pistol grip shot gun. How do you hold that up to eye level to aim it w/o a shoulder stock? Bad idea.

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