Someone keyed my car. It will cost $750 to repair. Deductible was $1,000. Doesn't look too bad, but it's a new car. Should I pay and fix it?

Other answer:

Have a video camera inside your vehicle that will activate once someone touches your vehicle and make it go in circles.
pay out of pocket, and get it fixed
Linda R:
If you don't have proof, as to WHO did this, get it fixed.
Casey Y:
Your decision, not really an insurance question.
Yes. It's a new car, pay and fix it.
amy lynn:
Have you called your insurance company to verify that you will be required to pay your deductible?

A few years ago, I reported vandalism damage to my vehicle and my insurance payed the full cost of the repair becuase it was vandalism and not an accident. Of course, this depends on YOUR POLICY and what YOUR INSURANCE covers. But it never hurts to ask. (someone keyed a dirty word onto my trunk.)

Since it is a new car, it is worth fixing it though.

Equality 7-2521:
Since it is a new car, if it doesn't strap you too much I would have it fixed. There is the possibility of rust developing if the paint has been scratched to the metal. I'm assuming it has since if it was just a clear coat scratch it might buff out for a lot less.

And, it is going to be a lot easier to match paint now than in the future when the other paint weathers a bit, and you want to spruce it up for sale or trade-in.


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