Stop asking for deposit when you offer your room for rent please! if you want, ask for rent upfront, not deposit. You don't offer receipt.ok?

Other answer:

You ARE going to pay a deposit, or you wont rent in most places. This deposit covers damage,unusual wear and tear, extra cleaning etc.

If you leave the place in rentable condition, the deposit is returned, GOT IT?

nope..not ok
All landlords require the 1st month's rent plus the security deposit upfront
when you agree to the tenancy. Receipt or no receipt is the landlord's choice.
any rental is paid up front
to protect the landlord he might ask for another month's rent as the last month's rent so that the tenant doesn't skip out and owe
he can ask for a security deposit, maybe specified as damage deposit or simply 'security'
and there will be very FEW landlords who will not require money up front
Who are you directing this at?

Your landlord is not here.
A deposit is standard – in case of any required cleaning or repairs when you move out

You need to stop looking for a room to rent.

It is normal for a landlord to request and require first month rent, a deposit and some states allow a landlord to request and demand last month rent.

In today's world of technology, you would normally pay this deposit first and last month rent by credit or debit card or a check. This would be reflected ion your bank statement or credit card statement.

There are a few landlords that still offer a hand written receipt, however, this group is getting smaller and smaller.

You might also consider a change in attitude.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


with that attitude you'll never rent!
Pascal the Gambler:
If it wasn't a deposit, they couldn't keep it when you backed out and screwed them.
I don't know who you're addressing here but, it's standard practice and it isn't going to change because you whine about it here.
I don't have a room for rent. You need to address whomever owns the room.

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