Tax Help for a minor in ny?

I m 17 years old in NY and I work part time. Since I get paid by check, I get taxes taken off and I was wondering if I could get those taxes back? Would it make a difference if I file my own taxes or with my parents?

Best Answer:

Marcin: at 17 if you still live in your parent's home and do not provide more than 50%-or your own support(rent, food, clothes, medical etc) that means you are still a minor and their dependent, you will file your own tax return but you do not claim your own personal exemption
you are exempt up to $6400 income for 2016 so if you had no income tax withheld and didn't make more than that you will not need to file at all(maybe a state tax return)
if you had income tax withheld on the $6400 and less income you would want to file to get that refunded to you

Other answer:

you have to file your own, your parents can't include your income on theirs..but likely they are still claiming you as a dependent so that will reduce how much you get back..

some you don't get back at all (ie social security/unemployment), but the actual 'income tax' you might.

Depending on how much you make and how much tax is withheld, you might or might not be able to get back some of the tax. You definitely cannot get back all of it.
Max Hoopla:
Maybe. You will find out when you file a tax return.
Linda R:
Go to your boss and ask for another W-4 to fill out…..remember, put an X in the box that says 'exempt'.
The they will only deduct Social Security and Medicare….requirements.
Pascal the Gambler:
Possibly, when you file a tax return in the spring.

You never file with your parents.

Re Vera:
You might get *some* back, but not much. If you make money, you pay taxes, it's as simple as that.
You will likely get much of it back if you file your taxes as a individual next year.
Happy Gramps:
you are a dependent of your folks, and you don't file any tax returns

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