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I'm 17 and started working in November and only made about $500 up until now before taxes. My mom just asked me if I was filing a W2 Tax Return and I am not sure if I can or not being that I do not even make much.

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You can, being that you made something. The amount does not affect whether you can file. $1 is enough for a W-2. And $0 is enough to be able to file. Anyone (even without any job or income) can file a return (but without a W-2 if they didn't work and didn't have any income). Anyone paid anything to work as an employee, even just $1, must get a W-2.
if you completed a W-4 when you were hired and got pay stubs with the report of gross and deductions for each pay day, you should get a W-2 and you can use the information on it to file your tax return, you can free efile at when tax season opens Jan. 23
the amount in box #2 if there is any at all should be refunded to you
now if you worked for cash, you will report this income on Sch C and if the net amount on that form is $500 you will owe $71 self employment tax, Sch SE with your 1040, you can still efile but this will cost you to do so
When you get a W-2 in January, if there is any amount withheld for federal income tax, you can get that money refunded to you by filing Form 1040EZ. Make sure you do not claim yourself. You can file for free online or fill out the form available at and mail it in.
You can but aren't required to, you don't owe anything. If they took out anything for income tax, file and they'll refund that amount. If the only took out social security or medicare, no point in filing.
A w-2 is what your employer sends you and also the IRS. You don't have to file a return, however, you can get all the federal and state taxes that were deducted from you pay if you do.
You might as well if you paid any income tax, you'd get that back.
Pascal the Gambler:
You can.

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