Tax right off new vehicle 1st year in biz texas already more right offs then profit?

Other answer:

First off, it's "write," not "right."

Normally you depreciate a vehicle if you are using the actual cost method. In some cases it is possible to write off the cost of a business asset in the year that it's placed in service using a Section 179 deduction. However a Section 179 deduction can never create a loss for tax purposes. If you are already in the loss category before the deduction you must depreciate it or use the standard mileage rate for any business miles.

David and Stephanie:
Your *write* off is either the flat-rate mileage deduction or the actual cost method. The actual cost method requires you to depreciate the cost over several years. If you're not already aware of these options and how they work then you need to hire a tax pro or accountant.

Losses might be able to carry forward and offset future profits, so claim all valid expenses even if your net profit is already reduced to $0. Again, a tax pro or accountant will understand how to do this.

It is not unusual to have a loss the first year in business. Vehicle expenses can create a loss. You may want a tax pro to look at your situation as you have several options for claiming vehicle expenses and for handling a loss.
if you already have a loss you cannot use Sec 179 for that vehicle
if you are talking about the additional first year since you don't need it why apply it, a loss is a loss and it isn't any worse if you have more to claim, except if you have othe income that might be affected by the additional loss
When you say, "right", did you mean to say, "write"?
Max Hoopla:
And your question is what?

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