Tenants did some damages that need to be fixed soon (cannot wait until they move out). Can I fix it now and deduct later from their deposits?

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loanmasterone: In this case if might be better if you get an estimate of the cost to have the damage repaired. You would want to present this estimate of repair to your tenants, and inquire when they would be able to pay for this damage to the rental unit.

If your tenant has an issue with paying for the repair of the damage, you might consider collecting this cost on a monthly basis. make sure you prepare a contract with the original cost and the monthly payment agreed upon.

You would want to make sure your tenant would understand the monthly payment would be paid in addition the monthly rent. You might want to add a clause to this effect in your agreement with your tenant.

Of course you are able to wait until they move, and charge them for this damage as well as any other damage found in the rental unit, and take it out of their. deposit. If the deposit was not sufficient enough to over this repair as well as other repairs found in the rental unit, you would be required to charge your tenant for the remainder of the cost of the repairs.

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This is not a simple yes or no question. If your lease allows you to make this occur, than it is easy that you can do so. But my guess is that you have no such clause.

The type of damage matters (i.e. why it requires immediate repair) and the other thing you must consider is giving the tenant the opportunity to fix it themselves. I mean the tenant has a legal obligation to return the property in similar condition to how it was offered at the end of their tenancy, but are not required to repaint every wall with a scuff mark the moment it occurs.

Assuming it is really required, I suggest you issue the tenants a demand letter to have it repaired with the next month, noting that if they fail, you will be repairing it yourself in an effort to maintain the property and charging them the costs. But I suggest you don't automatically apply it to the deposit, until you have to do so if the bill is unpaid at the end of the tenancy.

any you know for a fact that the damage is entirely their own and not something that normal wear and tear would involve
it is hard to imagine any damage the tenants caused has to be fixed immediately, even a broken window can remain unrepaired until the move out
if you have to have the work done, furnish them an invoice and inform them this will be deducted from their deposit
Fix them now and bill them – due either immediately or at the beginning of the following month, when they pay their next month's rent. If they do not pay it, take their rent money and apply it to the bill and tell them what is due in rent. Add a late fee and get ready to evict them. Do not wait until they move out. It will result in trouble.
R P:

But it makes more send to repair the damage and send the bill to your tenants now. Let them know that payment is expected in addition to their next (full) rent payment. As long as you have the proper clause in your lease, you can apply their payment to the repair bill first then the balance to rent. If the rent is not paid in full, you can then start the eviction process for non-payment of rent.

Not ethical or practical. Learn patience. It will all be over soon. Just wait.
If you are renting property you have a lawyer to do the legal stuff (advice, leases and such)

you do NOT ask on YA

yes, but why should YOU carry the debt? You can and should make them pay up NOW if the damage must be repaired NOW.
sure, but what happens if you need that deposit when they move out? you should request payment now.
You should bill them right away, why wait?

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