The 5 best penny stock?

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Elmer S:
My number 1 is:
There is no such thing. Penny stocks are traded based on Rumours Not facts. And they if a penny stock selling for say one cent-and Someone decides to spread a rumour that it WILL to $1-even if it is false and it shoots up-by the time YOU learn of it, it is down to 1/10 of a cent.
And YOU lose your shirt.
STAY AWAY FROM PENNY STOCKS!!!!!!! You WILL thank me someday.
Penny stocks guys make their $ shorting hype. DRYS ran from $4 to $115 then back down to $4 in a week. Now its like $1.50. So speculators try to catch those big moves, not based on stock fundamentals but by shorting massesively overbought stock. Essentially, the best "penny" stocks are the ones making the big moves right now…it changes daily
A nobody:
There is no such thing as penny stock being considered "the best"/

The major firms on Wall Street do not and would no trade/invest in penny stocks,
Professional traders/investors do not and would not trade/invest in penny stocks,
Experienced traders/investors do not and would trade/invest in penny stocks,
Those that understand the markets do not and would not trade/invest in penny stocks,
The Federal Government prohibits broker/dealers from recommending penny stocks,
The Government tells brokers & the general public not to invest/trade penny stocks.

Only those with little or no experience in the market believe that penny stocks can be investment vehicles, they don’t know that penny stocks do not trade in a regulated market, nor do they know what a regulated market means, but that’s understandable since they nor do they know very little or nothing about how a real market operates

If professional, & experienced insiders along with regulators do not think one should get involved with Penny Stocks, why do you, a newbie, think you could deal in penny stocks, especially being naïve enough to ask the question you did.

Those are such weird stocks – but I have made money on two of them so far. I decided to buy marijuana stocks. And I bought ALL the completely worthless ones. They have such great names like HERB or Homeland Security. Had to have those. And they're cheap, so what the hell.

But they're just a scam – probably a shell company just to trap people like me. However, I have made money twice when two of these went up sharply. But that's two out of 20 probably and not worth the while.

Anyway – never gamble with money you can't afford to lose – and then when you lose it you won't be surprised.

Just google up Penny Stocks of Marijuana Stocks – and throw darts at a page full of them. Or buy them all.

none they are a scam and all easily manipulated

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