The actual meaning of annual salary?

Other answer:

It is the gross amount which you will be paid in one fiscal year – usually January through December. It could also mean how much you can expect to earn in your first year of employment – beginning with your employment month. I was hired in September of 1967 and I could expect to earn my annual salary from September through August of 1968. If I got a raise then it was effective September of 1968 for example. If I received a promotion to another job like I did in March of 1976 then my new annual wage began with March of 1976. Which means, obviously, that the amount shown on my W2 forms reflected how much I actually earned from January through December of that year – not what my current wage was.
Harpal Singh:
Salary accused within one working year, year may start from April to march or January to December
Elaine M:
What you make in a year before taxes are taken off.
The amount you are paid annually.
total payment you receive per year .

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