The bank closed my bank account without me knowing it and my SS deposit was sent back. What can I do, to get my SS money?

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Did it not occur to you to contact social security? Either visit the office or call 1-800-772-1213. Unfortunately it is going to take quite awhile to reissue you the benefit. Not their fault.

It would be faster if you are able to provide them with a new bank's routing # and your account # then it would be if they must mail you a check. You could also visit them about getting a direct express card which is also faster than a paper check.

Contact SS and ask them to mail you a check. Resolve to run your finance properly next time you get a bank account.
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You call them and they have to re-issue the check and have it sent to a new bank account.
Contact SS and ask them to resend the money (if your account was reopened), otherwise ask them to mail you a check.
Kathy S:
Route it to another bank
They will send a paper check

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