The keyhole to my door is jammed and I can't open my door. What should I do to open it?

Best Answer:

Gary: In an emergency situation, like if a person were in immediate danger behind the door, you could break down the door.
Assuming this is more of a hindrance than a danger, you could try calling a locksmith or see if you can get the door off it's hinges by removing the metal pins/rods that holds the hinges in place

Other answer:

I would go in via some other opening (if I can't jimmy the latch on your locked door), then open it from the inside, dismantle the lock and take it to be repaired by the local locksmith, or install a new one I bought at the local hardware store.
Use a crowbar or take the door off the hinges
you can take the whole lock mechanism off the door and when you do that should allow you to open the door
Call a locksmith in your area.

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