This stock is about to blow wide open ?

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Richard L:
There's only been 31,000 shares of BEE (at 0.335 a share), which is a Canadian company, traded today and this low number of shares doesn't indicate the stock is about to blow wide open. The number of shares traded each day must exceed 2 million shares a day with the price of the shares rising and no shorts being made on the stock so the stock can be considered to blow wide open. This sock is a dud and isn't worth buying at this time because of the low volume of shares being traded on a daily basis.
A nobody:
And you know this how????

40+ years in the industry and never heard the express "about to blow wide open"

take your uneducated comments to another site.

Bipin Kumar TRPL:
But start slow,slightly increase market and give huge profit
Richard L:
what makes you sure its a scam?
SCAM – stay away