Tips on paying off a credit card ?

Besides from paying it weekly with what I can, what else can I be doing? Should I sell some things ?

( not in thousands amount of debt only have about $1500 to pay off, both me and my partner work )

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cassandra: I have two parts to the answer.
1. Instead of spending first and saving what is left, save first and spend what is left.

2. You probably don't want to hear it, but the fundamental problem is that you're spending more than you can afford. You probably think that the $1,500 in spending was for something necessary and unexpected, and maybe it was. But every other month, you were spending too much. You weren't fully funding your retirement account and putting away money in an emergency fund and THEN spending what you had left. You were spending money that was supposed to go to your emergency fund or retirement fund. When you face that, then maybe you will be ready to adjust your lifestyle. If you are funding your retirement and your emergency fund, then you you can afford whatever else you are buying. Otherwise, you can't, and you need to cut back.

How can you cut back spending? Turn off your cable TV and internet. You can get free internet at your public library. Look at the 3 dollars a day that is really over a grand a year (365 times 3 = $1,095). Maybe you tell yourself that buying coffee (or eating out) this week is special, but once a week is 52 times 3 = $156. Just for your occasional treat.

Look hard at what you spend. Start by writing down everything. Everything. Then you will be ready to cut back.

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Do you (and or your partner) get a tax refund every spring? If so, Increase your W-4 dependents by 1 or 2 and use that money to apply to the debt. Next J, F, M bank some extra money in case you owe a bit in taxes. In the meantime, you will have saved many bucks in interest expense. {Uncle Sam "loans" money at zero percent under this scenario.}
Steven C:
if there is stuff you do not need or use then sell it, for sure. as long as later in life you do not need to purchase it again on credit card. best of luck

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