TRUE OR FALSE- you possess enough Qualifications to WORK IN A CORPORATE DEPARTMENT?

Other answer:

Very strange question. And the respondents will be "self selecting" thus not representative of the population of any nation as a whole.

Only people who do not possess such qualifications and who have lied about qualifications or produced forged certificates wrongly work in large corporations or government organisations etc which require such qualifications.

For the record: I do possess the qualifications which were needed when I joined a big government in Britain, where I worked for 29 years.

Shawn Robin:
True. I have an MMath Quantum Information and Ph.D in Business Administration.

Spent a decade jet-lagging myself between offices in Toronto, New York, London and Paris; working in the field of communications security.

Then struck out on my own as Founder & CEO of my own tech start-up.
Got bored, sold it earlier this year & retired while young enough (I'm 50) to enjoy life.

Big Mouth:
FALSE! Who doesn't have the qualifications to sit around and play games on their computer all day while occasionally donning a pair of evening gloves and a fur coat, parading down the hall to the office coffee pot and pretending like their job is important? (Then eventually hiring an intern to parade down the hall to get their coffee for them to confirm their importance.)
False. All that requires is puckering up and kissing hind parts and saying that's a great idea. I do not have the stomach for it. Nor can I lie that well.

I don't have enough qualifications to work ANYWHERE.

atheism is joy:
I'm qualified to work in the shipping and receiving department at Walmart.
Jon B:
Yes and had plenty of opportunities to do so..I turned them down because I'm not interested..i'm a therapist..I have my own practice & I'm doing just fine…

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