Unemployed in California – by law, am I required to have health insurance?

I searched all over and could not find an answer. Afraid if I go to a broker, he'll just lie and say yes to earn some commission.

By law, I know you are required to have insurance at least if you're working. But what about unemployed? Am I still required to carry health insurance while unemployed?

Other answer:

The law is not whether you are employed or not, it's whether you have income or not. A lot of people are unhappy when they go to file.

Note, a day in a month with insurance makes the entire month count. There is an exception if you are without insurance for LESS than 90 days which means no more than 2 consecutive months.

Yes. Obamacare is a law that says, buy health insurance, or pay a fine. There's no exception if you are unemployed.
Under the law passed in 2011 everyone has to be insured or pay a tax penalty. You can be covered by a parent, yourself or employer or spouse. Thats federal law.
You are required to have heath insurance. Depending upon your income (whether from a job or other source) you may be able to get a supplement to cover most or all of health insurance, or if your income is low enough you could get Medi-Cal.
If your income for the year, including any unemployent, is below the fedeeral filing limit, you meet one of the exception from the law penalizing you for not having health insurance.
If you are unemployed you might qualify for Medi-Cal . Call Covered California.
if you have no income you are not reporting any on a tax return, you also do not answer the question on the return about health insurance coverage
if you have unemployment income that you are reporting to IRS yes, you will be required to have health coverage
Ryan M:
Yes you are. Isn't Obammycare wonderful?? You get penalized for not having something that you cannot afford!

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