USPS tracking "In transit to destination" but with no location? I'm just curious if the package is actually moving or if it's automated.?

Best Answer:

Keilah: in transit means it was put on a truck and hasn't yet been checked in at the truck's destination

Other answer:

It hasn't reached a destination yet, so it won't have the destination listed. It is in transit. No, it is not automated. It is actually scanned. Once several packages get packed onto a pallet, they are entered into a manifest with one scan… so the pallet is scanned and each of the packages on the pallet get registered as scanned. Make sense?
Yes the it's already on it's way to the final post facility to be readt for delivery.

Or for example if it was fedex then FedEx transfers the delivery to usps (very common)

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it is moving

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