Want to sell cupcakes online?

I want to sell cupcakes online and I need to make a website? I need serious help. Is there free websites that I can create my own for free? Would having a blog be good?

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If you want to sell cupcakes online than just create a website which features the online cupcake selling shop and star developing that website by taking it to a particular rank, after your business will be i full swing.If you want you can try this we designers to design your website at a very cheap cost.
You will find getting customers to your new site to be the greatest challenge, Profits may be too small to use any paid advertising, it's worth noting that an eCommerce site typically makes 1 sale for every 50 – 150 visitors, that's a lot of ad clicks.

Paying a marketplace site to be listed is probably a more sensible way to test the waters, Etsy.com is most popular for home crafted items.
They charge 20 cents per item listed + 6.5% of any sales.

There are 214,300 cupcake related items listed on Etsy, it's easy to be lost in the crown, include somethings very unique or slightly controversial can help get attention. The number of competitors is a reminder that it's just not easy to make a successful store site selling easy to craft products.

You also need to register as self employed, complete a tax return each year and have the council inspect your kitchen to check it meets the standards for commercial food production.
I'm guessing your plan just went out the window.
There are a lot of rules involved with selling food legally online. First, read this:
Then read this:
Then, if you still want to sell cupcakes online, read this:
And this:

Good luck!


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