Was I supposed to get my paycheck?

I just started working at sonic my last payroll was from November 16-30 and I got my paycheck on the 3rd of December I've worked at least 8 hours this whole month and it's the 27th and still have not received my check. We get paid every two weeks, what exactly should I do? Or what is going on?

Best Answer:

gabriela: Ask your manager. If you worked some hours Dec 1-15, you probably should have been paid. If those 8 Dec hours were Dec 16 or later, you'd get it in early January.

Other answer:

If you worked in December before the 15th you should have gotten your check for that. Call the manager.

If the hours you worked in December are after the 15th…then the pay period closes on December 31st and you will get your check on Jan 3, 2017

Tech Geeks:
Your best bet is to call your Manager and ask.
Max Hoopla:
Ask the manager.

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