Was raising the minimum wage a good or bad thing?

Best Answer:

Craziee Panda: Good thing, cause no one can live on just one job like it is now.
And then there is the —
Bad thing…the price of everything will go up again…:(

Other answer:

Craziee Panda:
It a yes and no answer for me. I'm a fiscal conservative. Some businesses will suffer, and workers will be expected to do twice as much work. However, there is merit in the pay increase, there will be competition for those jobs and high productivity from those workers, especially at factories and in customer service. But some jobs need to stay at lower rate..they are meant for teenagers, like working in fast food.
It hasn't been raised yet. So when it eventually gets passed $17 an hour it will be a good thing.
Bad thing
Sharon S:
good thing but never still enough to live on
daljack -a girl:
A good thing…..always.

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