WEB OPTIMIZATION for 2012 Website seo secrets pdf?

I wish to study about Is simply not (SEO) Tools along with Search Engine Marketing? From wheresoever can i get entire details? can any body help me by giving kit?

Other answer:

if you prefer more of this visitors, you must learn how to maximize your images to attain some of this targeted traffic. before you upload your company image, pick a illustrative file-name, preferably personal files name you want in which image to get ranking for, because it can help with your search engine rankings. just like sending your images to image saving sites, you can enhance website´┐Żs online occurrence with photo websites.
serving the search engine bots get all of your pages, specifically if you have a huge site utilizing 1000's of webpages, is very important. a sitemap is a page which includes text links to of the pages on site. the sitemap also serves various purposes
it will require anywhere from 30-45 days for the search engines to receive the site. you can try re-submitting it everyother working day and sometimes it could boost the process. after this check having your site improved for search.
Search Engine Guide is the best one ,,,Read Webmaster blog

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