What affects does moving a teenager, who's never lived anywhere else, to a new house cause?

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Not much if pretty local. My parents moved over 200 miles outside the city to a very small town when I was 17. It meant I didn't get into a program I had been accepted to in my old school and they didn't have any classes I wanted in my new school. Different graduation requirements so hard to get all the classes I needed. My brother was 16 and they thought they might need to send him to relatives for his senior year to get the classes he needed.
I didn't enjoy the move and didn't want to live there but it was fine. I leave home the night I graduated and never went back, my brother left when he graduated, we each moved back to the city. I pretty much missed my senior year activities, no dating, no prom, just waiting to finish to leave. Don't think my brother dated in that town either.
None, except learning that it's not so bad. That's what happened to me. I lived in the same place till I was 14. We moved, with me kicking and screaming. It turned out fine.
You mean besides the tantrums they display, being awkward, blaming the parents for all their loses, like having no friends there, having to go to a new school, wrecking their lives?
Then there are the other things like mine displayed such as wanting to dig up not only the apple/plum trees that were planted the day they were born, but also wanting to dig up and take with them a cat who had died 10 yrs earlier which was buried in the garden……Apple/Plum trees stayed as did the cat!
the teenager adjusts, parents have to go where they have work or maybe they realize the current home is not adequate for the family any longer
moving to a new location opens many new opportunities for the teenager to explore it should be a stimulating time
You and your teenage could handle it well or handle it poorly. They will certainly move several times in their life and have many other cahnges with jobs and births and deaths. Help them learn how to handle it as soon as possible.
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Depends on the teenager. The only difference it made to me was that I had to take a different route to school.
None, if the move is not to another city/town or school.

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