What age do you save up for retirement?

I am 28 years old. I have not saved up anything yet. I am close to 30. I am trying to look for a part-time job.

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well the earlier you start saving, the more money you shall have for your retirement years… however, to someone of say 25, retirement seems a long way off and often isn't at the top of their agenda when it comes to things to do with their money…

lets say you want to retire at 65 for examples sake… you can afford to save, again for examples sake, $100 a month, so $1200 a year… you start saving that at 18 – well you have save well over $56,000 by 65… you start saving that at 28 – you shall have saved $44,400… don't start til you are 40 – well that same level of saving would only get you 18,000… big difference from the $56,000 plus could have got if you started at 18…

personally i have two savings accounts – one for my retirement… in over 25 years of saving, i have never touched it… the second for things like holidays, repairs to my house, new car and other general expenses

I started maybe at 25. I did it with auto-deduct from my paycheck, so it was painless, as I never saw the money. Retired at 54. Saving early on really helps.
I am 30 and started at 23.
Linda R:
As soon as you can. You can always set up a Roth IRA with your bank and put money into it.
u can go for investment from now it will good for ur future planning….
u can take nps scheme and sip.
now i m 27… i m start saving at 24…
from the first dollar you make you should plan to save some of it, eventually when you have enough put the money in some kind of retirement for your days when you cannot work
as soon as you have income
I started saving when I was twenty-two. Opened a Roth IRA with $500 and deposited just $20/month.

I did so after my favorite uncle gave me the best advice I've ever gotten: "Start early, even if it's just twenty a month." That's what I did and I'm well on my way to retiring early.

I save much more than that now but, just having just gotten out of college, that twenty was a fair percentage of my take home. It got me accustomed to financial sacrifice when I wasn't really sacrificing much.

It's LATE to start. You'd better get work soon and start paying social security or you won't even get that.

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