What age would you start to save money for future retirement living?

Best Answer:

Ralph: As early as possible.Within the 1st dollar you are making you need to commit to save some of it, at some point when you've got sufficient of it, put the cash in some sort of retirement living for your days once you can't work.

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Kathy S:
As soon as I had disposable income of my own. For a young person, many things will set you back in the beginning, but you should always save something, even if it doesn't seem to be much at the time. The important thing isn't so much what you save. It's really the habit of not touching your savings, that will help you most.
from the first dollar you earn
in your 20's
As soon as possible. While in college, even if it's just $20/month.
Before the age of 30 if at all possible, don't get carried away with having the latest tech toys in the meantime ..
Wayne Z:
As early as possible.