What are some areas on the east coast of the USA that have low property taxes?

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Flower Child:
relatively speaking, Florida away from the big cities.

property tax is value of property times tax rate — small town Florida has low property values [costs] and fairly low tax rates as well.

if you're going to search state by state, there's no sense in going farther north than Virginia … all the northern states have high tax rates because they have big social service handouts

Andy L:
South Carolina, Delaware, North Carolina
Taking the 20 best rates and the 20 best total tax based on median home prices and it has to be on both lists and then must be East coast and these are the three
you probably won't find any coastal properties with low property taxes, people want to own coastal land and prices will be high for purchase and property tax coverage
Max Hoopla:
Th south east
Forget New York.

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