What are some good things to invest in?

I'm 18 i just got 30 thousand dollars from a lawsuit i want to invest the money into something that will bring me more money but not sure what.. I heard about stocks but i don't know much about them can someone give me information on stocks or ideas ??

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stock trading is good for investing…
Rolf Golf:
Why bother to go into all the arts and crafts of looking for individual stocks and then risking secondary and idiosyncratic risks investing in them? You can simply buy QQQ, DIA or SPY which basically tracks the market indices and guarantees that if the market goes up, you profit from it. This alone is something even professional stock pickers or money managers find hard to guarantee. a market based ETF like QQQ, DIA or SPY that tracks these major market indices is the safest way for amateurs to invest in. This is because when you trade these ETFs, since they are tracking these major indices and therefore largely the market itself, you are not undertaking the idiosyncratic risk and secondary risk of investing in individual stocks. Idiosyncratic risk is the risk that the stock itself may not do well even if the market does, secondary risk is the risk that the industry that the stock is in may not do well even if the market does. By investing in these ETFs, which is simply something you buy which is exactly like a stock, you are undertaking only one out of the three investment risks, which is systemic risk. Systemic risk is simply the overall market risk which means that if you buy these ETFs, when the market goes up, you almost GUARANTEED to make money with it… this alone is something even professional stock pickers CANNOT guarantee you they can do! This alone is so powerful there is no reason why amateur traders with lower risk tolerance and professional analytical expertise should not do this. Furthermore, there's almost no way these ETFs are going to go to zero value suddenly overnight like many companies can.
Jake No Chat:
You should not take stock advice from anyone on this site. If they were so good at such matters, they would be out making more money rather than hanging out here. My advice is to talk to a reputable investment firm and have them suggest a diversified portfolio for you. That would happen only after you have a consultation with them to find out what your objectives are, what your needs are, and what your tolerance for risk is. At your age, if you want to invest for the long-term and do not need the money any time soon, then they can balance a plan for you that includes, stocks, mutual funds and some bonds.
Andy L:
For now, given a massive uncertainty under Donald Trump, that heavily affect the US and can be a global negative impact, I suggest you park the money for 6 months or a year.
Look for the highest yielding safe investment for now.
Meanwhile, you can try to educate yourself about things like shorting the market.
At 18, you should be trying to establish a credit card to begin a credit rating as the money may best be suited as a home down payment.

Don't rush to do anything with it, and listen to Warren Buffett – Don't invest in anything you do not fully understand.
You may want to start with some precious metal like a few gold coins or small bars.
Look around for the lowest cost to procure.
Gold inched up today and getting in now is not a mistake, but don't sink everything into one investment.
Gold prices:
30 Days +44.40 +3.86%
6 Months -155.10 -11.49%
1 Year +77.50 +6.93%
5 Years -535.00 -30.92%

Gold is generally a hedge against rising interest rates and currency value drops.
Financial advisers need to be investigated before you see one. If they make money off commissions, they could put you in bad investments.
You need some time to learn.

Invest in a vanguard account
R P:
Talk to a financial adviser. That person will be able to guide you when it comes to investing your money