What are the most popular and effective SEO methods to improve Keyword ranking?

Other answer:

Choose a long-tail keyword (one that has 3+ words) since those are more specific, less competitive, and will bring a more ideal visitor to your site.

Ask yourself what type of content that keyword calls for. A tutorial? Services with testimonials? Create that content and do a better job than whoever is ranking in the top results for your keyword. Create a landing page that is well-designed, loads fasts, and has a good call to action.

Optimizing the page or post for that keyword. Use it in the title tag, meta description, URL, a few times in the content, etc. Enable Facebook OpenGraph and Twitter cards so your content formats properly across all mediums.

Promote your content on social networks, forums, discussions, Facebook Groups, etc. Leave a link where appropriate but ONLY do it when it's relevant to the discussion. Or hire a link building specialist on a website like odesk.com.

Karl Skotte:
Content marketing is the most popular and effective SEO methods to improve Keyword ranking.
Social media optimization is most effective SEO methods now a days .
– Publish relevant content.
– Update your content regularly.
– Focus on creating relevant links within the text.
– Always describe your visual and video media using alt tags, or alternative text descriptions.
Puneet Chauhan:
post content on your website.

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