What are the start up cost to open a bookstore ?

Other answer:

Stock – books, etc.
Cash register, checkout counter
Employee training
Bookkeeper for the finances
Supplies -for the toilet, papers to run your business, filing, all the little things needed to keep a store running.

Does the rental include you requiring to keep a parking lot in good contidion? Are you responsible for roof leaks? Structure repair to bring it up to code before you can open?

the market research to see where this should be located for a good return on investment
the cost of organizing involving possibly getting funding, finding a location, finding equipment, finding suppliers etc
getting a lease may involve some advance money, possible having to pay a bond for utilities, maybe a bond for the sales tax registration, et al
Estimate the startup costs and expenses and calculate how much capital is needed to open the business.
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Alpha Beta:
Rent deposit, leasehold improvements such as countertops, shelving, furniture, point of sale system, utility deposits, inventory of books, marketing materials, and there is more. Create a spreadsheet and get quotes on all of these items and add them up.
John D:
Any real business will cost you a minimum of $100K these days.

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