What business could use me as a consultant to improve the business/ products?

I improve almost all businesses and products I interact with / Walmart, etc. restaurants, etc. I can turn around Sears.

Other answer:

you don't mention what you are skilled in, what your talents are, on the face of your post there is NO business who can use your consutling
Casey Y:
Posting here, probably no business on the planet.
Brian Mcilwee:
The business that needs you as a consultant is the business that you have had experience in.

For example If I run a bra factory and you used to make tires for airplanes, It would be stupid for me to hire you as a consultant for my business, but Boeing would probably want you.

See how that works?

Hmm! What are tops in?
Barry A:
Depends what your particular experience is.
Although if you have to ask here on Yahoo, you have no experience that a business will pay for
America Trump is looking for assistance just now how are you on walls ?

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