What can be done to prevent President Elect Tweet from stripping health insurance from 21M Americans and sending them?

back to emergency rooms for basic health care?

Best Answer:

beaver: Nothing.

trump and the GOP want to take healthcare from 27 million families, not because it's not working, but because an African American President was able to do what no other president had been able to do in over a century.

But the poetic justice will be that his uneducated and unskilled supporters will be the hurt the most by repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Other answer:

1. Invent a time machine. Show the voters just what Trump actually does after elected and get them change their votes and vote for Bernie.
2. If that is impossible then nothing can be done for 2 years. Trump can do nothing on his own. Work to get Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and all other republicans that vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. … Put in a landside number of Democrats so they can over-ride any Trump veto… at least 60 democrats in the senate and 250 or more in the House of Representatives. … Make Trump a lame duck for his last 2 years in office, unable to do anything because of the House and Senate.
…… The President cannot pass laws. If you do not like laws change the people in congress.
When you are forced to do something this is not the way things are done in the United States. The current health care system voted in by all democrats and not a single republican forces the yount to pay for the health care of the older citizen of the United States.

This is called a pyramid and or a ponzi scheme. If the average citizen of the United States did this type of financial plan they would and have been arrested and put in ail for long periods of time.

The president when he first had Obama care enacted, lied to the citizen of the United States. He knew he lied and kept the lie up for a year or more.

He told the citizen of the United States that this was not a tax He also said the people that were currently insured would not be required to change their policy. He said that the cost would not increase. He said you would be able to keep your current doctor and go to the same medical facility that you are currently using.

All these lies. Why would the most powerful person on the planet lie to the citizen of the United States?

He knew you could not keep your current insurance policy.

When the tax bill was legally challenged in court and it got to the Supreme Court the president, at that time was informed that he and no one else could force the citizen of the United States to purchase anything to include health care. At that point he decided to change and call this health care a tax as he is able to tax the citizen of the United States.

With all the lies, apparently something might be wrong with this tax bill. If it was as it was acclaimed there would be no need to lie.

There are some parts of the health care many would never use, yet they are required to pay for this service. A 50 year old man or woman would not want to have children again, yet they are required to pay for child care. A person that has never used drugs before are required to pay for drug rehabilitation. Why would a person be required to pay for something they have no use for and would never use?

A one box fit all does not work. In the United States you have the freedom to purchase what you are able to
afford or that you like

All citizen of the United States do not like a Ford, Chevrolet, or Nissan cars. Why be cause in the United States we like and expect variety, and not being told what to purchase because the government think they have the best idea for the United States citizen.

When this unwanted bill is finally repealed, it will be replaced by something where you would not be financially fined or penalized for not having insurance.

You would also be able to select the coverage you would want as an individual.

I am not ready for socialism at this time. I do not want the government to dictate the type of insurance policy I should have and fine me if I chose not to be insured.

Pretty soon the government would inform you of the type of car you are able to drive, how many bedrooms you are able to have. what else would the government be able to dictate we are required to have and fine us if we chose not to participate.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


What your sources of information haven't told you, is that this is what's being discussed right now by Paul Ryan and Republicans and maybe Trump behind the scenes; how to have this transition without dropping these people. Mind you, many of these are young people who didn't WANT to pay for health insurance in the first place. Ask why your sources of information didn't tell you this part.

If Obamacare didn't happen, this dependency on government wouldn't have happened. Then the focus could be on simply lowing the cost of health care and insurance, allowing more people to get insurance or pay out of pocket.

Insurance Pickle.com:
If you don't see that the law is failing, then you're part of the problem. Families can't afford $10-$20k a year to shell out for health insurance and health care.

It WAS a fraction of that cost. They could have enacted a one page law – "You have to cover people with pre-existing conditions, but you can enact waiting periods for those that want to wait to buy it when they need it."

Congress will make the changes not the President on his own
and I seriously doubt that the requirement to have health insurance by everyone will ever again be non existent, taxpayers are paying far too much tax money to pay for deadbeats' medical problems
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Not to mention the fact that you can't get long-term treatment for things like cancer and heart disease in emergency rooms.

He won't be doing anything to them for a year, because they are signed up for insurance for 2017 through the ACA. In the meantime, he'll need to come up with something better. He's proposed "health savings accounts," but that's ridiculous. Average people can't save the cost of cancer treatment or surgery through a health savings account.

Not going to happen, and the health care they do have is poor in quantity and expensive relative to what was available prior.
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