What can I buy at Ross and marshalls to flip online?

I have a Ross and marshalls in my city and I would like to know what can I buy for a decent profit on eBay. Thanks!

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Happy Gramps:
you would need to do a few things – (1) look on ebay and see what is a good selling item (2) open an ebay account if you are 18 + (3) read the rules, etc for ebay
I am wondering how you can make a profit buying
oh, you want to buy their reduced price merchandise and sell on eBay, that would really be pointless when anyone who wants their stuff can simply go to their store or their web site and get it for their price
I can't see where you could do that.

I mean, If it is at Ross or Marshalls, I can buy it there at $X dollars or order it on line from them for $X dollars plus free shipping, as opposed to buying it from you at $X dollars plus what you add on for your profit and then also have to pay for you to ship it to me.

Nothing. Trying to undercut the prices on ebay would be a waste of time.
John D:
You want to pay retail so you can compete with people who are paying wholesale. Just sit there and chew on that for awhile.
buy something at a discount and check ebay price before you buy

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