What can I buy that would make me money by having it? for $3,000?

For example, If I bought a gold coin, it would not make me money. But if I bought a cow, then I could sell milk.

I can't have animals where I live, and I do not have enough money to buy a house.

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You could buy a 3d printer and the plastic cartridges, with that you could make crafts or something to sell. lol I bought a plasma cutting table for $5000 and make little metal pieces I use for welding projects. That's a little more advanced, but it's very helpful for me.
Ryan M:
Nothing outside of straight gambling is going to generate any sort of money with only a measly $3k initial investment. Even with your cow example, dairymen need DOZENS to HUNDREDS of cows to make milking even remotely feasible.
You could buy supplies to make t-shirts or you could buy products to sell on shopify. Its hard to make money with one cow.
Kathy S:
Tools, if you have a skill like carpentry or auto mechanic
Stocks maybe
an oil well, a business, a banana tree

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