What can I do with $150,000 cash ?

What to invest for a good return

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Best bet? Growth and dividend fund-reinvest the dividends. Best one? Do your research. I don't give individual advise.
Tell you what not to do. Just as important as what to do. Dont invest with Ed Jones!
If you owe taxes on it, save at least $40k for that. I wouldnt go the house route unless it is a down payment on a house for yourself. Houses are too much work. Investing in stocks is much less time consuming and so much less sweat off of your brow. Invest in up and coming stocks ($5-$15) instead of stocks of companies that are already there like walmart, coke, etc.
with this much in hand cash you need to get to the closest bank and deposit it for safety's sake
then you need to talk to some financial advisor what to do with it for investment
if you want a big return on the investment be fully warned that with high return is also high risk, you could lose it all in one stroke
Fred XX00 I:
Buy a house and rent it out,
the cash will come back to you.
Real estate.
Fidelity retirement fund – $100,000. The other $50,000 into a bank account (CD) for emergencies.
If you just got it, find out what taxes you will owe on it, and set that amount aside. Otherwise you will have a giant problem next tax year.
Buy houses and flip them

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