What can i sell on eBay starting with only $20?

I only have $20 saved but I want to sell on eBay. I m still in high school so that s why I have so little to start. Thanks.

Other answer:

I know many people (myself included) that have stuff they would like to sell on eBay but don't have the time to devote (and / or patience).

Maybe you could ask around (or place a free ad in the local penneysaver or newspaper / online free ads) and sell other people's stuff for them. You take the photos, write the listing, answer buyer questions and ship it out (charge a percentage of the selling price).

There used to be a couple of places that did just that in the area and they did really well. It was great to just hand over what you wanted to sell and they did all of the work (people will pay a lot for the luxury of not having to do it themselves).

If your listings are really great and the photos are good, you'll do well.

That way you don't have to worry about buying inventory.

Maybe girls at school have old clothes they don't wear anymore… boots… shoes, etc.

If you were in L.A. I have tons you could sell for me!

Start by finding stuff around your house to sell. Then begin buying items at yard sales and estate sales that you know you can sell for a profit on eBay.
Mark T:
Shipping cost are so high. That you need to sell stuff that is cheap to ship or mail.
Start by finding things around your house that you can sell. That way it costs you nothing but shipping costs. Like stuff your family never uses. Just sell it. Also some other things you can sell , Like some of your sisters stuff, Sell her lap top and the TV in room. If she has nice shoes and clothes, you can sell those too. Go find all the junk your Mom And dad have stored away and never use. Just go dig around and in their junk and sell it.
You must be 18 to trade on Ebay. You dont need any money, just a bank account or credit card to sell something. You dont sell money on Ebay.
what have you got to sell
it won't cost you $20 to put it in eBay
HM 10 ®™℠:
Go to a charity or junk shop and find some things you can resell on eBay
Alright alright alright:
Plenty of stuff if your a girl do DIY stuff or sell Jewelery.But consider the liability people get sued and business is to be LEGALLY protected and properly filed
Local Directory:
Thumb drive
Hand craft

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