What do do when we used the wrong name on a tax return?

We filed for the first time with my wife s name incorrect. So we refiled using the correct name but now we have a tax bill for the return filed in the wrong name. What should we do about this? The income was foreign income with no social security number so they didn t connect the two.

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Baruch F:
It appears that your original return was accepted with the "wrong" name. If you believe the tax assessment is wrong you have to respond to the letter. Call them and get an appointment, or write a response explaining why you think the assessment is wrong, or take the returns in question and the correspondence to a tax professional for assistance.

Your information is not clear as to the relationship of the name to the income, and in any case, if the original return was accepted the second return was disregarded, assuming you were the primary taxpayer on both returns.

Using the wrong name is not your most serious problem.

You are never, ever allowed to "refile", under any circumstances.

If anything is wrong on a return, you must "amend" it, not "refile" it.

The first return still needs to be amended, to fix whatever was wrong on it. To fix it, you need to file Form 1040X, which is the form for amending. Refiling is not an option. After filing anything that is wrong, you must amend with Form 1040X, without refiling.

In addition, you're going to have to tell them that the second return is not valid, because it wasn't the first one for the person who filed it. There may be a penalty for filing it; I'm not sure.

looks to me like the problem here is lack of SSN, to file a tax return a SSN, and ITIN or a special number issued by IRS to report income no matter what the source
names and SSN's are compared so if there was no SSN it wouldn't matter which name was used it would not match up with any names and numbers on record
Pascal the Gambler:
You needed to amend the original, not file a second return.
Call the IRS and make an appointment with them to discuss this situation in order to have it rectified.
Cathi K:
Then you collect proof they are the same person.
They will **** you

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