What do I say to myself when people tell me I can't start my own business. It makes me feel depressed.?

my family keeps telling me whatever I'm doing wont work. why are they negative are they jealous or do they really try to help.

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Elaine M: They probably say that because your questions are pretty obvious that you did no research first.

STUDY the field you want to be in. Know where your customers are, who buys the items, how to reach them, how to do your stock, shipping options, etc.

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Elaine M:
What a bunch of losers. The only people who explain how to cop out and quit are the people who sat down and figured out how. I would start reading The 10x Rule and just listen to Grant Cardone every day and night. And Young Hustlers. Jarrod Glandt is the man.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
To run a successful business you need to be positive, self confident thick skinned. If you are so badly affected by other people's opinion then your family is probably right.
make a statement to yourself why you lost each time and avoid the problems. Tell your family you are worth and ask them to tell you why they don't trust you and the most important ask them to be objective and find the negative point you don' master, then work on it. trust yourself. life isn't a decade… books, internet, gain experience and RECORD all what happens during work then assess what may block you and win over!
Get a library card and spend some months years learning reading about how to get educated and started locally.
no doubt your family has told you why you won't succeed and since they have a lot of years of experience that you don't have the benefit of listen to them, they likely know your potential and the market
it is a rare occasion that someone succeeds against the advice of relatives
Ziff Spiffington:

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