What do you do when you have good ideals for a business, non-for profit, or invention, but no money?

I am a single mom of three, and I have great ideals coming in my head all the time, but the problem is I do not know how to execute them. I want to know what to do, because my issue is usually where to start them, and how to get the support I need,.
I need to finish the question, I need to know how to get the support( people and/or funds) to start them.

Other answer:

if you have good ideas there are venture capitalists who are looking for businesses to invest in
you need to prepare a good preparation of your ideas to present to these people, hoping to get them interested enough to invest
Look for an accelerator program to propel your company to the next level. I work for Start Co. located in Memphis, TN. It is part venture development group, part accelerator, and all work. We offer three Summer Accelerator Programs to accomplish all of the above and more. The Seed Hatchery Accelerator is attracts on B2B startups by providing expertise and resources in geomapping solutions, network data, Internet of Things (IOT), and Industrial IOT as well as access to developers and data scientists in this realm. The Sky High program is an EdTech accelerator focuses on providing curriculums, access to schools and educational organizations, and connections to resources for those building IT solutions in the K-12 space. The Upstart women-led accelerator empowers gender-diverse teams and provides the resources they need to build high-tech, high-growth businesses. I've seen many businesses that walked into our facility that have come out with a successful business model, financial strategy, marketing, technology, investors, and more. Read more about the offered accelerator programs and apply here if you are ready to turn your great idea great company: <>http://neverstop.co/accelerators/> Start Co. "Start. Never Stop." neverstop.co
Brian Mcilwee:
You DO. A lady around here had the idea that the grocery was throwing out too much stuff. So she started collecting the old produce that was still good, day old bread and stuff and took it to the shelter kitchen. In a few months she had people helping her and 10 years later we have a couple of community pantries and the groceries are spending less money on dumpsters.

How did she start? She just had THE IDEA AND WENT UP AND ASKED.

Another guy I know had the idea to put up fliers advertising he would clean up peoples yards from dog poo before parties. He got the idea because he hated cleaning up the yard and figured other people would, too. He started with a nasty old car and some yard tools. He's rich now. There are dozens of companies just like his.

We called him all kinds of 'poo' related names. We still do.

Look up 'Pet Rocks'.

Basically what I am saying is these people were 'doers'. they had an idea and just did it. You know, like when you wake up and say I'm going to drink a glass of water and then you do that.

That is the process.

You do not wait for help or support. As far as funds….there is crowd funding and you can get a part time job to pay for materials.

John D:
Sorry, but 3/4 of the world has ideas but no idea what to do with them and no money. It's when you KNOW what to do with them that you have something. And 9/10 of the 3/4's ideas are only ideas, too. Business is when people pay you for things or services, each and every day.
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