What does bullish in the stock market mean??

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Bullish and Bearish
Saying you are bullish indicates you have confidence that a stock is going to rise in price. Indicating you are bearish signals the opposite: you believe the stock price is going to go down. The terms can refer to an individual stock or to broader topics, such as the entire stock market, the price of oil, bonds or the economy as a whole.

Bull Market Traits
A bull market is a period of rising stock prices, which can last for several months to many years. The rising stock prices are generally accompanied by increasing public interest in stocks and a positive outlook on the economy by most investors. During a bull market is when most traders and analysts are bullish. Volume, or how many shares change hands each day, also typically increases during a bull market.

Bullish is the state of share market where traders believe that a stock price will be increase. Traders who buy calls in this condition are known as bullish on the underlying stock. That is, they believe that the stock price will rise and have paid for the right to purchase the stock at a specific price known as the exercise price or strike price.
These two terms are assoicated with Wall Street and how an animal strikes his prey. A bear strikes down at his prey and bull strikes up in his attack.
When you think of a bear it is a stock market speculator who sells stocks or shares that he or she may or not possess because they expect a fall in prices and that they will be able to buy them back later at a profit. As a bull is a stock exchange speculator who purchases stocks and shares in the belief that prices will rise and that he or she will be able to sell them again later at a profit , this is known as(speculation) the opposite of bear.
The market is said to be bullish when it is generally anticipated that prices will rise. The market is said to be bearish when it is generaly anticipated that prices will go down. A stock is bullish when investors expect its price to go up in the coming months. A stock is bearish when investors expect its price to go up in the coming months.

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Bullish are simply terms used to characterize trends in the stock, currency, commodity markets. If prices tend to be moving upward, it is a bull market. If prices are moving downward, it is a bear market. Of course, this doesn t have to refer to the market overall.
That's a good observation
Bull = up
Bear = down
expecting teh stock market to go up – bearish is down
presumes stocks will rise and buys accordingly
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Cattle prices are going up.
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