What does this mean?

"Your order has been processed and dispatched from our warehouse."

Best Answer:

Tashyna: It means their warehouse/shipping location has received your order, they've gathered whatever item(s) you've ordered, checked it for accuracy, packaged them up, put on a shipping label, sorted them into a truck and it's off on it's way to your house, or where ever you told them to ship it.

Other answer:

I think that means that your order has been completed and it has left the warehouse. It either means your order has been shipped or is just about to be shipped.
I would think that sentence means exactly what it says. Pretty straightforward.
it means that it has been understood, and it has been taken away from storage on its way to delivery.
Your order has been shipped.
Moses the Jewish Liberal:
Why is politics filled with junk?
its on its way to you
your order is on the way!!!

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