What does 'under application' mean?

I asked for details on a flat i wanted to let and i was answered with ' i am afraid this property is under application' I have absolutely no idea what this means.. should i start searching for another property?

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Heather: i would say for example you are with a friend in morning noon or night
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It just means that the seller accepted an offer and they are going through the whole mortgage process ( inspection, appraisal, loan approval ). And yes, it is always better that you look at more than 5 houses when you're house hunting. More often than not, even if you had already looked at or even put in an offer, you won't get a house. So to save yourself grief, have more options. It never hurt :o)

I am just now closing on a house we looked at in May. And that's after a few counter offers and outbids so goodluck!

It means someone has already claimed the unit available, but the lease has not yet been signed. Landlords will say this when they don't want to show the property again. The smart response would be to ask the landlord to call you if the renter doesn't work out, so you get first crack at it ahead of anyone else, and saves the landlord from having to re-advertise.
They've already got someone lined up for it, so unless that falls through, it's no longer available.
It means another party has put in an application for the apartment and is waiting
for the results of the credit and the background check.
Someone has already applied and been accepted..just waiting to sign the contract……. its already gone!

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