What fundamentals should I check for swing trading?

What aspect of a stock should I value more if I was to hold it for only a week or a few days, such as dividend, value, future, health etc?


Other answer:

Generally for short term swing trading you need to learn candlestick chart patterns and use whatever indicators work for you. And it is best to back test whatever you are looking at for in picking entry points, exit points (target or to limit loss), and indicators, looking at portions of historical charts to see which produce more positive results than negative results as you move the portion of the chart forward. Just don t use too many indicators, or you will find some conflicting and confusing.

Of course past history is no guaranty of future results (unpredictable news). But if you can find something that works for you more often than not when back testing, go for it.

Donut Tim:
It doesn't matter what financial items you look at. You are gambling and will lose your money.

You could have more fun by going to a casino. Or save time and effort and just mail a check to the casino.

Thomas Anderson:
none of that stuff.

the aspect is that you think the share price will go up in few days or a week.


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